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Giving "entertainment center" a new meaning

Ask any realtor and they'll tell you that replacing old, worn-out countertops are basically putting money in the bank! New countertops help increase the value of a home or office, not to mention they look incredible. That's where Southern Edge Countertops comes in.

Remember when your kids shared the highlights of their day while you cooked dinner? Or when you and your spouse talked about the future over a glass of wine? No? Let Southern Edge Countertops turn your kitchen into a beautiful family gathering place.

Transformations start here

When your bathroom, kitchen, or even your backyard barbecue area could use a facelift,  Southern Edge Countertops are ready to help you. We strive to keep prices affordable, starting with your free estimate.


Turn your bathroom into your own private day spa, or make your garage into a workspace that really works. Stop by our shop on 542 Theriot Rd. Today!

Surfaces you can't scratch

Color and style are important factors to consider when choosing a countertop. Priority #1 is choosing the right material. At Southern Edge Countertops, we specialize in granite, LG Viatera Quartz and Silestone for their durability and antibacterial qualities.


The only thing we're limited by is nothing! Call to schedule your free estimate today.


The facts can't be countered -- Over 10 years of experience